WordPress Plugins to turn your website into a machine

You’re definitely aware of all the WordPress plugins that are available from third parties and WordPress itself. There are many in such a way that you cannot install all of them. For that reason,I have offered a list of them to help you choose. In case of any issues with WordPress and Plugins,it’s important to seek WordPress help to choose exactly what your website needs.

Recommended WordPress Plugins


Yoast is the most recommended SEO plugin that you should think about today. The plugin has a couple of features to help you rank higher. Some of them include; built in content analysis,automatic creation of XML sitemaps to submit to Google and automatic updates.


This plugin helps people display related posts as a way to keep users reading the contents. This plugin is highly customizable. You can customize on features such as the number of posts,the thumbnail size and level of relevancy.

ClickDesk LiveChat

This plugin is for the people that needs live chat functionality on their website. The plugin lets you create live support for any types of issues your visitors are experiencing. You can go with the Free plan that allows up to 30 chats per month or the ClickDesk Magic Bundle for live chat,support ticket desk and Voice chats.


This plugin is for the people that want to monitor their web traffic any time of the day. The plugin offers you a great Dashboard to monitor how people are coming and leaving your website.


Have you wanted a more involving commenting platform for your website? If yes,then this plugin is very important for your WordPress website. You probably want to see what your clients think about your businesses and some of the recommendations to improve service provision. Some of its features include spam protection,share options,user’s icons and login options.

Plugins to convert your WordPress site into a Mobile app


This plugin allows WordPress users to convert their websites into android and iOS applications. They have two categories to choose from,which are: news and Blog sites and websites using WooCommerce and other kinds of plugins. You get push notifications,analytics,custom branding and Mobile advertisement support.


This plugin only converts your WordPress website into an android app. The benefits here is that you’ll get infinite scroll,native social sharing,multiple themes,offline support and most importantly internalization support.


This is one of the easiest to use platforms that give you the ability to convert your WordPress website into an app. The most important thing with this is that they have a dedicated WordPress theme that someone can use on an app for WooCommerce store,BuddyPress websites and Blogs.

What is the best Plugin for WordPress?

There are a couple of plugins that you can choose for your WordPress website. Some of these Plugins have been discussed above. Talk about WP Rocket,Yoast SEO,Monster Insight,WPForms and many other plugins.

Now you have a list of plugins that you can use to turn your website into a monster machine. Just be careful with the number of plugins you use on the website because this can cause the website to be slow or crash. I highly recommend if you need help with your WodPress,go visitwordpress help site.

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