Premature age preventive drug seems to be effective for premature ejaculation improvement

Indeed, there is a premature ejaculation improvement technique that is said to be useful in about 70% of premature ejaculation .

A major pharmaceutical shop in Germany, Janssen Schirg, developed a premature ejaculation drug developed in the Heisei 21 class, which contains a species called dapoxetine, which is an epoch-making medicine that can prematurely premature ejaculation.

Before the premature ejaculation drug of dapoxetine formulation appeared, basically it was only effective medicine to premature ejaculation of organic matter.

To the spot that is clearly sensitive to encouragement, there is an effect to extend the moment to ejaculation by making the sensitive nuance of the local area blunt by applying an anesthetic prevention drug such as lidocaine directly to the penis.

However, there were various worries in premature leak prevention medicine of such variations.

Premature ejaculation, middle crease, preventive medicine, measures

As a result of rubbing prematurely premature ejaculation drug directly into the penis beforehand, it takes a point to prevent premature age prevention medicine from adhering to the customer, and points will be applied after painting some behaviors such as oral sex .

If girls get stuck to the side, premature ejaculation preventive drugs with anesthetic effect will cause the girls’ side to also make the nuance dull, so sensitivity will decrease.

Originally, I hope to be able to prolong the moment to ejaculation without changing the sensitivity, but in the case of drugs to prevent premature ejaculation of these variations, it will lower its sensitivity to carry over the moment of ejaculation There are also weaknesses.

In addition, although it is effective for premature ejaculation of organic matter, there is also a hassle that there is not much effect on premature ejaculation of landmine causation caused by internal nature .

It is a drug that prevents premature ejaculation of innovative dapoxetine formulation that improved such a matter of concern.

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